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Hello and welcome to the Reading Ruffolos!

I am Cris Ruffolo. I am the mastermind of this blog and my husband, Jeff, is the primarily consultant. We are joined in this bulletin board by our children, twins Nicholas & Antoinette, and Jeff Junior.

This blog started as a venue for me to share my love for reading and how I involve my children in the process. Over time – for almost two years now – it has evolved into a writing and sounding board for me to share all my adventures as a woman, a wife, and a mother. It has been a bulletin board of my passion and frustration. It has grown into more than just a blog featuring and sharing stories about reading, writing, and storytelling. Like me, it has grown to be more mature and more introspective in the way things and issues are viewed.

This is a blog that do not mince words about life complete with family and solo travels, new learnings, old lessons unearthed, random rants, and just about anything you will find posted on a bulletin board. Of course, the triumvirate of reading, writing, and storytelling is still a big part of me, and you will still see a lot of those in this site.

This is a blog that was born five months after I gave birth to our twins – Nicholas and Antoinette. As I am writing this new introduction (old introduction here), we await the coming of our third child, who will be part of The Reading Ruffolos!

So… join us in this bulletin board as we discover the world!

Go, grow, glow!

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