Book Review: A chic Bible and a yummy journal

A chic Bible and a yummy journal landed on my lap earlier this month as my family were boxing up our belongings to move out of the very first house we called home here in Montana.
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I belong to a family of gypsies — we’ve moved from one country to another in the last four years– and I’ve been, admittedly, contemplating about putting an end to this nomadic system of living as we (Jeff and I) already have three children to drag along in every move, not to mention the painstaking effort it takes to pack up clothes, books, mugs, and whatever whatnots the family has accumulated over the years.

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Ruffolo Travels: The Island Girl Comes Home

Booking tickets and arranging our travel itinerary for our July-August trip to the Philippines kept me busy in the last three days.
FINAL The Island Girl Comes Home - Ruffolo Travels -
Naturally, the island girl that is me has been longing for the sea, sand, and sun — three major elements of the tropical paradise that is the Philippines where, in my opinion, the weather is perpetually in the summer mood.

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Book Review: The faith to let go and let love (Her One and Only) 

Letting go is the main theme explored by author Becky Wade in Her One and Only, the fourth and final novel in the Porter Family series. It highlighted the lives of kick-ass, strong-willed, female protection agent Dru Porter and her relationship with NFL superstar Gray Fowler.
Her One and Only review - readingruffolos
Former Marine Dru was assigned to protect Gray, who received threatening letters from a stalker. Romance blossomed as the two spent time together but the past is making it difficult for Gray to establish a loving relationship with Dru, while Dru struggles with her self in an attempt to guard her heart from eventual hurt.

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Prayers, questions and answers (My Little Prayers & Kids’ Quest Study Bible)

My Jeff Junior turns eight months old today. My, my… how time flies. Around this time last year, we were in China getting ready for our big move to America. I was still pregnant with JJ.

Kids quest - little prayers -

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Refreshing treat on a stressful week #KeepOnCruzin #momsmeet

You wouldn’t believe how stressful last week has been. We were on our final leg of packing our things to move to another house and it dawned on me how exhausting it is to be a constantly-on-the-move family. We’re gypsies owing to my husband’s line of work. Last week, also meant the final week of completion of my graduate school requirements so I was hell bent to finish working on a language and literacy package with my group mates.

FINAL Santa Cruz Organic review - readingruffolos


And then… I crashed.

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Book Review: Bittersweet redemption (Sister Dear)

Allie Marshall was in jail for 10 years for a crime she did not commit. Her incarceration broke off her engagement to Ben, strained her relationship with her parents, and separated her from daughter Caroline. Only her sister, Emma, managed to stay contact by visiting her every month.

Sister Dear review - readingruffolos

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